Spillian: A Place to Revel

50 Fleischmanns Heights Road. Fleischmanns, NY


Spillian is about imagination. About joy. About a deep savoring of what we hold most dear and what we most passionately wish for. It is a place that was created for family and celebration, and has gracefully welcomed generations of guests as they open their hearts to one another. In this tradition, Spillian is a place for a very special kind of celebration. Of weddings that echo with the unique stories of the couple and your beloveds, that mark a beginning of how you imagine your lives will weave together. We invite you to imagine a wedding that most captures you and what you wish your future together will bring. A superb historic 19th Century Catskills estate, world-class lodging and and custom catered menus, a deeply magic meadow with moss-covered walls, a stone stage and bonfire pit, all on 33 forested acres to explore. Let's create a celebration unique to you that echoes with a sense of place, of belonging, and of delight.