Ceremonial Arts - Custom Rituals with Beck Nison

Willow, NY


Rev. Beck Nison is a non-denominational licensed minister, celebrant, intuitive creative practitioner, hypnotherapist, published author, space-holder, and change-worker who has guided marriage ceremonies and life cycle rituals since 2013. Beck takes time to listen, ask questions, and honor your truth. She then crafts and performs a custom ceremony that uplifts the stories, lineages, philosophies, beliefs, lives, and singular visions of each couple, individual, and community. Crafting a ceremony together with Beck is a creative adventure. Your vision is the compass. As a guide, Beck brings her experience in creative practice, change-work, facilitation, and space-holding to the preparation process. *As a human and as a ceremonial guide, Beck is honored to officiate and celebrate LGBTQ+ unions.* *As a human and as a ceremonial guide, Beck honors all faiths, philosophies, and interfaith blends of spiritual, religious, secular, and non-religious traditions and beliefs.*